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How to murder the English language

The rules for apostrophes are:
They are used to denote a missing letter or letters,
They are used to denote possession
They are never ever used to denote plurals.

Fred, it is my bad, I meant F4 for my call-sign. What does that mean!? [I think  it means "that's my fault"!]
Founder of the renown group on..... You mean renowned group about.
It sent my call-sign immediately, just like it was suppose to do.
I don't like the way this is
headed. Why are you using the past  tense?
Since I don't touch it, I must have did something to get this result.!!
The story thus far. I can't think of a possible case where it isn't 'The story so far'. Why are you speaking 17th Century English?
Anyways, that was the....   Why are you using a plural? You mean anyway.
You can enjoy sport when you're 5 year old or if you're 50 year old (BBC!)
Norway have beated Montenegro 26-23 in an incredibly tense final of the women's Handball (London 2012).
The men are up tomorrow as Hungary battle Croatia for the Bronze medal and Sweden take on France and in the final (London 2012).
Caribbean islands hunker down as Isaac churns. I know they mean "prepare" and the storm "grows"!
I try on an other PC on Windows10 - I'm sure you mean "I tried it on another PC using Windows 10". Why this trend for using an other? I think it's just ignorance!
I might need to get 100000 fireflys to be heard. Why this trend of just sticking s on the end of words like this? The plural of firefly is FIREFLIES.
A lot
I'm running to the bank. I think you're driving there!
Allot of us think we - you mean 'A lot of us think we'
Your using
the wrong......  NO, NO, NO. You're - as in - YOU ARE

I mean its cake to move around and ....  No idea what is being said at all! Do you mean "It's easy......"?
The American use of any word starting in S - now said as 'sch', instead of 'sss' plus the removal of Ts. Worst case heard so far? On the BBC World Service 'Trending' on 2015-07-26 an American repeatedly saying 'Schreaming' instead of 'streaming'! Argh.
"to garner the required nominations" - who started the dramatic over-use of the word 'garner'? Just use GATHER.
"have the conversation broadcasted live". No such word as 'broadcasted'. It's broadcast.
and the Top 10 worst:

Hams using GOOD grammar and punctuation:

But wait! There's hope. Or maybe not. More.

References: Oxford English Dictionary Collins Dictionary  Merriam-Webster Dictionary.com Cambridge Free Dictionary   Other: Canadian

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