Paul Evans, Baileys Bay

F:71 A:5 K:2 SSN: 0

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Welcome to VP9KF and Bermuda

Full QSL Information. Home of the Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator.

Propagation Predictions  PEAK JA/UA0/HL TIME: 21:00z to 22:00z
2018-10-31 to 2018-11-14 - Propagation Prediction map
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Best operating periods: 20:00Z to 00:00Z and 08:00Z to 12:00Z
Chance on air now:
 0% (Off Island)
Bermuda is very isolated in the Atlantic

which makes it very expensive
The red dots on the map show where I have been active from. The green ones, where I have lived.
We lived at: Arlington Heights, Middle Road, Smiths (location);
4th Avenue, Cavendish Heights,  Pembroke (location);
Philston, Whale Bay Road,  Southampton (location)
Shorelee Cottage, Tween Walls, Mangrove Bay, Sandys (location)
I attended Whitney Institute (location) and Bermuda College (Academic Sixth Form Centre) (old location).
I have lived in Smiths, Pembroke, Southampton and Sandys Parish.
Latest activity is from Hamilton Parish.

Info on QTH
Continent: North America
CQ Zone:5
ITU Zone: 11
Time Zone: Atlantic Time (GMT-4)
Daylight Saving Time - Yes
IARU Area: 2 
IOTA: NA-005 
WLOTA: Gibbs Hill 0201, St. David's 1480 
ARLHS: Gibbs Hill BER010, St. David's BER009
Lat: 32.21.12N Lon: 64.32.135W
Maidenhead Locator FM72pi
Live view over VP9
Live view over JA

Local winner of Bermuda Contest in April 1976 and April 1979

Paul Evans: VP9KF, G4BKI, 8P9FT, J37KF, V31WJ  
Paul Evans: VP9KF, G4BKI, 8P9FT, J37KF, V31WJ

Yaesu FT-920 with Inrad CW filter
MFJ-4245 45A Switched Mode Power Supply or Jetstream JTPS45 45A Switched Mode Power Supply
Asus Eee Netbook PC running N1MM Classic logging (DX mode), & ICECAP/ICEAREA/HamCAP (operations 2006-2013)
Toughbook CF-53 rugged PC running
N1MM+ logging (DX mode), ICECAP/ICEAREA/HamCAP, BART backup
Winkeyer USB keyer (K1EL)
Bencher Paddle (my 18th Birthday present while living in VP9)
Sony MDR-NC20 full ear, noise cancelling, headphones
  B&W 595 antenna switch
Antennas Cushcraft A4S, 160m dipole, 80m dipole, 40m dipole, WARC bands = parallel/fan dipole

The Radio Society of Bermuda callbook was by no means complete. It is now much better! Many older callsigns were missing and so was mine!
For my version, please visit here.
For reference:
Bermuda Class Three Licence - Advanced (that is not the same as the FCC Advanced Class, it's the same as EXTRA Class)
Amateur Radio Service (HAM)
Number: 3125
Callsign: VP9KF
Licensee: Paul Evans
Valid from: Monday July 01, 2013
Valid to: Friday June 30, 2023
(originally issued in April 1979 & continuously held)
See licence (address witheld)

Visiting Bermuda
Your licence will have <homecall>/VP9 on it. Please obey DXCC rule 7 or your contacts may not count:
7. Any Amateur Radio operation should take place only with the complete approval and understanding of appropriate administration officials. In countries where amateurs are licensed in the normal manner, credit may be claimed only for stations using regular government-assigned call signs or portable call signs, where reciprocal agreements exist or the host government has so authorized portable operation.
Look carefully at the Schedule attached to your VP9 licence. You'll see that allocations may be different to your home licence.
5MHz is NOT included in the VP9 licence frequency schedule (only VP9GE has an experimental allowance). I cannot work you there.

The World from VP9

The PERFECT greyline path to JA - look for me. VP9 is currently the 48th most wanted country from JA(!)

Sorry, CAM not available right now

 BWS Wx CAM Radar (St. David's/Airport) Satellite Lightning. Real time Flights I (II) in and out of Bermuda. Wx station [I] [II (inc.CAM)]
Track local shipping (cruiseliners, ferries and general shipping)

 Current weather
 Courtesy Kellyfoto

Activity: 1974-1975, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981,
2006 March & November
2007 May/June & October/November
2008 April & November
2009 April & November
2010 April & November
2011 April & November
2012 April & November
2013 November
2018 October/November
We often visit about twice a year and stay here for about 5 weeks in total, or ~10% of the time.

Shorelee - Ethel & Catherine Tucker

Club membership
I operate
only CW
4SQRP 9AQRP A1 Club (JA) [Challenge Degree, worked 204 members] CQC CQCW CTC CWJF - Life Member ECWARC FFQRP FISTS FPQRP LIDS NAQCC CW Links


No. 1945 No. 161
& 162
No.1745 No. 1029 No. 571 No. 3224
& 3225
No. 790 No. 450 No. 102 No. 19223 No. 4128 No. 231 No. 9881

 NEQRP NOC NZQRP QRQcw RCWC SKCC SOC True Blue DXers Club Worked All Britain - former CW Net controller GRT FOCocw

FoCocw groups.io only

No. 200 No. 855 No. 1 --- --- No. 1211 No. 20141 No. 1000 No. 900 No. 1496 No. 1442 ---

Please don't confuse me with my friend John, VP8KF [G3VPW]
 I recommend to you the QTH I use: VP9GE, whose web site I also maintain (we have been friends since 1968!) - Reviews

Supporters of the Agape House Rubber Duck Derby
In memory of our friends Ruth Paynter, Violet Wears, Ken Hubbard, Marian Holland and Edna Hall

Bermuda roof Red Hole, Paget - Ethel Tucker

Callsigns: G4BKI, G4BKI/VP9, VP9KF, 8P9FT, J8/VP9KF, W4/G4BKI, G4BKI/J3, J37KF, W4/VP9KF, F/G4BKI

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