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Information and Links
Links and information on this page have been updated [2024-02-01]

Bermuda is expensive, but you can shop around a little.
$14+ beer is a reality; the 'home brewed' beer at Astwood Arms is that much. Most draft beer is now $12 per pint.
Google Maps now has very good coverage of Bermuda (inc. Street View) and you can use it to find all the places you may need to go.

Our favourite restaurants and  otherwise.......
Wahoo's - St. George. Food variable.(c) Tripadvisor
Flanagans - Front Street, Hamilton - VERY good.
(c) Tripadvisor
Miles Market - Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton - lunch picks good and take-out stuff such as pies and pasties. 
Henry VIII - Southampton - very good - short walk to Gibbs Hill lighthouse.(c) Tripadvisor
Cafe-Amici at Ireland Island (Dockyard), now a pizza/Italian themed place. No draft beer! Pretty $$$(c) Tripadvisor
Frog and Onion at Ireland Island (Dockyard) - VERY good. Good beers too, made on site.(c) Tripadvisor
Wharf - St. George (near fuel dock). Poisoned us.(c) Tripadvisor
George and Dragon - St. George - CLOSED 2009. Thank God, it was truly awful! (news: 2014-01-09) **
Robin Hood Good.
(c) Tripadvisor
The Lobster Pot our new favourite in Hamilton excellent!(c) Tripadvisor
Pickled Onion Front Street, Hamilton - very good for lunch. Burger superb (best ever). I don't normally "do" burgers. Nightclub later in day (!)(c) Tripadvisor
Hog Penny Burnaby Street - Same as 40 years ago.
(c) Tripadvisor
Bone Fish Grill - very, very good!(c) Tripadvisor
The White Horse - grim!
(c) Tripadvisor
Mad Hatters - Best in Bermuda
(c) Tripadvisor
La Trattoria (c) Tripadvisor
Waterlot Inn
(c) Tripadvisor
(c) Tripadvisor
Swizzle Inn (Blue Hole Hill)
(c) Tripadvisor
Rustico (Flatts). Best in the Smiths/Flatts area
(c) Tripadvisor
(c) Tripadvisor
Rosa's Cantina
(c) Tripadvisor
Anchor Restaurant, Bar and Lounge
(c) Tripadvisor

Our favourite places
Railway Trail - especially behind Ferry Reach
St. George   [Friendly note. The Town is called St. George - the parish is called St. George's]
St. David's Lighthouse
Gibb's Hill Lighthouse area (the lighthouse is only $5 to go up [pay our German friend in the gift shop], but make sure it isn't windy).
E. R. Aubreys - Ireland Island (Dockyard).
The English Sports Shop - Mangrove Bay, Front Street and Water Street, St. George.

Our favourite web pages
Bermuda Masterworks
Bermuda Society of Art
Dan DeSilva
Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard
Bermuda Images

News, etc.
Royal Gazette - Daily newspaper
Bernews - Online "newspaper" - Video Channel
Bermuda.com - information
Bermuda Government - Main Government Portal
Bermuda Tourism Authority - Everything you need to know about tourism
Tourism Maps - Maps of Bermuda in detail
Current conditions - Real time wind, temperature and tide data
Visitors Service Centres
They keep changing locations, so ask locally in case this weblink is wrong.

Bring a good folding, wind resistant, umbrella for the sun and the frequent Bermuda showers.
SAVE WATER!!!! Ask a local why. Shower with a friend :-)
BWS: BWS Home  BWS Radar  BWS Satellite/Lightning
Weather Stations: Magnolia Hall  [CAM]  Gilbert Hill Knapton Hill  Hinson's Island

Tips for transportation - changes coming in May 2024 - crazy "smart" 'phone 'tickets' - no details [yet]
Shop carefully for your bus passes. If you are stopping more than 1 week, buy the one month pass. Always use passes and not money or single trip vouchers. It is a lot cheaper to buy what you need (or more), than to try to pay-per-trip. DON'T RENT SCOOTERS. Driving is bad when you're unfamiliar with the roads. The chances of injury and treatment costs are NOT worth it. Stay at a place where bus or ferry is easily available. Some details. The "real" bus map shows every bus stop with a black square.

May to October, the island is very crowded with cruise ship visitors. They overload the buses, the ferries and restaurants. The buses also run their air conditioning too low at this time of year. They are freezing!

A great tradition is the Annual Agricultural Exhibition - on the 2nd weekend of April (we are nearly always there - don't book on top of us!!!!)

There is virtually no electrical noise. LF bands are super. However, bring noise-cancelling headphones as most places are hard walled and tiled, so audible noise is echoey.

Bermuda Fish Chowder - ratings by Paul.
  1. Landfall Restaurant - Clear View (Hamilton Parish up Crawl Hill)
  2. Bone Fish Grill - Superb. Almost equal to Landfall's.
  3. The Lobster Pot  Really, really good! Almost equal to Landfall's
  4. Black Horse Tavern, St. Davids. Homemade pepper sauce and excellent recipe.
  5. Mrs T's Victorian Teahouse - Lunch menu [not the High Tea menu later] (Sandys Parish)
  6. Hog Penny - not the best, as claimed! Pretty good, but large fish pieces and thin soup.
  7. Flanagans (Front Street, Hamilton) - good Sherry Pepper and Rum servings.
  8. Henry VIII (South Shore Road, Southampton)
  9. Carriage House (St. George)
  10. Robin Hood (Hamilton, next to ex-American International building)
  11. Tavern by the Sea (St. George)
  12. Frog and Onion (Ireland Island / Dockyard)
  13. La Trattoria (Washington Mall/Lane)
  14. Freeport (Ireland Island / Dockyard)
  15. White Horse (St. George) - awful and Sherry Pepper and Rum aren't right! Service is also 0 stars.

Others to be reviewed: Pickled Onion, Harbourside, Swizzle Inn (Hamilton - Blue Hole Hill), Swizzle Inn (Warwick), plus others
Note: All restaurants we recently visited now do not leave the rum and sherry pepper on the table. The server will ask you when they come to the table.

Bermuda products of note - Outerbridge Sherry Peppers, Barritts Ginger Beer, Goslings Rum, etc.

Old Post Office Mangrove Bay - Ethel Tucker Old Post Office, Mangrove Bay. 2 doors from Shorelee Cottage.

Callsigns: G4BKI, G4BKI/VP9, VP9KF, 8P9FT, J8/VP9KF, W4/G4BKI, G4BKI/J3, J37KF, F/G4BKI, TK/G4BKI, EI6LC

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