Paul Evans, Baileys Bay

F:201 A:9 K:2.33 SSN:154

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QSL Information [go to blog entry for latest news]
I operate only CW. No SSB or data mode QSOs. Ever. Sorry.

Has my QSL been received and processed?

Please QSL DIRECT ONLY: (no LoTW or eQSL)

c/o Paul Evans,
15 Watch Knob Lane,
Swannanoa, NC 28778, USA

Please, DO NOT send to the VP9 (RSB), W4 (ARRL), EI (IRTS) or G (RSGB) bureaux. You will not receive a reply.
VP9GE is not my QSL manager, just my host.

IRCs: Please, after October 2013 do NOT send IRCs. Please include US$2 to help defray expenses.

UK to terminate IRCs. IRCs (International Reply Coupons) - it takes MASSIVE effort (yes, nearly 45 minutes!) to get the USPS to exchange these as they are required to by membership of the UPU. Print this document and take it with you to the USPS Post Office nearest you! The USPS no longer sells IRCs online or in offices. Other IRC links: G3SWH W9OL N6DHZ

We donate a part of your enclosed money towards:

Agape House, Bermuda.

The best way to make sure your return envelope gets back to you

osQSL - QSL Software Design

QSL and Logging software design

When you next design your cards, remember:

If you don't do this, it is easy for QSL managers to make mistakes or for recipients to be offended.

If your logging software outputs metres without an option for MHz, request that your software writer includes this in their next release.

QSLs - Why no IRCs?
Discussion amongst many DXers in NA/SA have shown that the USPS is making it VERY hard to encash IRCs since 2007-01-02. 

QSLs - Why SAE?

 Always send a self addressed envelope it makes returning a QSL to you VERY easy and VERY much less prone to errors. 

Senders address on the top left of the envelope. If you put your own it will freak out the USPS (since 2001-09-11 they delay or destroy many sent this way)

I have my own stampers and if you put your address there, I will just have to black it out anyway.


It makes life much easier if you include a self-adhesive envelope, rather than one with gum.

It saves those tongue paper cuts which are truly awful. Buy a supply of them. Other DX stations will love you for it.

QSLs - Why so much money? [Sending to everywhere outside the USA is now $1.50 per envelope]
 The cost (at the lowest price possible) of a full colour QSL card is US$0.08. If you send US$2 and SAE it helps a lot!!!!

Sending one from VP9 costs well in excess of US$2. A very complex calculator for USA mailing can be found here.

QSLs - Why no bureau?
I'm not a member of a Society which receives & sends bureau cards.

Electronic "QSLs" - Why no eQSL, LoTW, QRZ.com or ClubLog?
I signed on to eQSL, but there were too many people trying to falsely claim QSOs, so I dropped it. LoTW registration from outside the USA seemed impossible to achieve. I tried and gave up in frustration. Likewise, claims on QRZ.com (for their awards) and ClubLog are not accepted. Besides, these aren't really "QSLs", so I changed my philosophy and abandoned these electronic means.
I do NOT send "e-mail" cards; images of front and back of card attached to an e-mail message.

QSLs - Why are none sent out from me without getting one first?
I gave up DX chasing at least 20 years ago. If you want a card, you'll get one, but I don't send any out unless I receive one first.

Thank youPlease check the FAQ.

QSL cards are printed and being shipped direct.

They do not look exactly like the image shown above.

Postage Rates from the USA

After 2024-07-14 (Sunday)
International (inc. Canada & Mexico):  US$1.65
USA:  US$0.73
USA Postcard:  US$0.56 [I do not send or receive this way]
USA Global Forever Stamp

USPS Intl Rates

osQSL - QSL Policy

QSL Policy

Error in QSO data QSL decision
Time in error by small amount or by integer number of hours. QSL, with time changed to that at VP9KF
Callsign in log is close (by a dit or so) and the correct log callsign has not already been QSLed. QSL
Band is wrong. Station error. Not VP9KF as band is derived from computer controlled rig. QSL, with band changed to that at VP9KF
Mode is wrong. No chance. I only operate CW. No QSL
All other cases. No QSL, pending further investigation

Interesting received QSL info:

Callsigns: G4BKI, G4BKI/VP9, VP9KF, 8P9FT, J8/VP9KF, W4/G4BKI, G4BKI/J3, J37KF, F/G4BKI, TK/G4BKI, EI6LC

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